What's in a name
Call it a studio,
call it a network,
call it a bunch of the likeminded.

We are a tribe of freelance creative activists, willing to address complex social, environmental and entrepreneurial challenges through our creative interventions.

Through Tribe, we speak with one strong voice and reclaim the term ‘agency’ in the truest sense of the word - the capacity of an individual to take action in a given environment or social structure. We believe the future of work is going to be modular and more human than ever. 

Meet the team

Effective Empathy

Why we do it
We want to be a positive catalyst

Our tribe strives to build stronger communities and brighter futures, by helping clients and citizens to make products & services that matter, instead of focussing on how to survive the digital age. 

By working for change, including Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and igniting 21st century skills, we want to be a constructive force in a disruptive context.

As an organic network of strong individuals, we want to ignite our personal changemaking agency and we’d love to spread the change-making virus within your organisation and far beyond.

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Collective Creativity

What we do
Innovation & strategy
Brand building
Social empowerment
Collective Creativity

The need for creative problem thinkers has never been greater. It's the overriding mission for 21st century learners to respond effectively to change and become resilient in an ever-changing context.

Mindset: Why it matters

Our tribe helps your company to tap into its creative potential and challenges you to think cross-industry to shape change actively. We help you to grow better businesses in order to grow a better world. Killing two birds with one stone, minus the killing!

Toolset: What it takes

Our multidisciplinary tribe uses lean startup, corporate strategies to reach real-life social goals and vice versa. By activating managers, employees, citizens and pupils, we want to make the most effective use of budgets and talents to accelerate positive change on people, planet and profit.

Robin Hood Strategy

What's more
As a tribe, we look out for each other

We're brought together by a shared mission and take pride in seeing and doing things differently. Our tribe has fluid boundaries and comprises like-minded creative rebels, entrepreneurs, corporates, social organisations, change agents and citizens of all shapes and sizes, including society’s most vulnerable groups.

Therefore, we not only strive to bring them together, but also invest 10% of our own ‘profitable project’ time into the purpose-driven projects that need it the most. We all pay it forward.

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Our Totem

4 principles
People ≈ Possibilism

People are in the heart of everything that we do, both clients, citizens as employees. We build upon an optimistic view of humanity and are looking forward to building a brave new world.

Purpose ≈ Value

We are not focussed on making new products nor services, but on making change and maximizing positive impact on people, planet and profit. 

Participation ≈ Togetherness

We want to engage and unite all stakeholders during the process through collective creativity, cultural change and community building. As a tribe, we take pride in our collective creativity.

Pathmaking ≈ Imagineering

We crosslink proven methodologies such as business modelling, social marketing techniques, behavioural design and systems thinking, in order to generate new solutions for old-age problems.