For futureminded companies

Great! You want to change your business for the better.
You want to break through departmental silos and boost cross-departmental communication. Check. By finding new purpose, fine-tuning your mission and aligning it with your business, people and planet. Double check! But where to begin?

Tribe also works for

How can we make a difference?

Our tribe helps you to zoom out and in again, by giving a clear bird's eye view and practical solutions from an outsider’s perspective.

By motivating intrapreneurship and coaching solid internal innovation tracks, our tribe helps you to grow better business and tell stronger stories, with a sustainable impact on your employees, customers, society, planet and profit. Defining the why, before aiming high. We strongly believe relevance is king, content and design merely a butler.

Strategy & Innovation

Creative Intake & Research
Design & Service Thinking
Business Modelling

A creative intake, followed by Trend, Context & Customer Analysis will uncover the unmet needs your product or service wants to solve.

These proven processes, sprint techniques and methods will help you to redefine your challenge, find new opportunities, brainstorm, select, prototype, test and iterate your best ideas until you end up with a final prototype.

Business model innovation lies at the heart of your decision making process, whether it is evaluating strategic options, new investments or existing operations. With extra focus on the people-before-profit touch and hybrid models.

Brand building & communication

Brand design
Communication Strategy
Web & product design
Panel Hosting & Presenting​

From full brand identity to logo or packaging development. We help you to craft that unique brand story that inspires and endures. It asks for a credible character to add value to the brand experience and client connection.

We help to align your business and social impact goals with a marketing and communication plan that focuses on reaching a set of predetermined results.

The key to a powerful brand lies in its soul and the story it has to tell. We help you to grasp the essence and translate it into a story that builds strong connections.

From concept to completion, we build a custom responsive website, service or product prototype with your needs in mind.

We get a thrill out of managing a good panel discussion and are unafraid of diving deep into unknown topics. We aim at bringing the best out of your guests and interviewees. We're extra passionate about social change, museum practice, travel, heritage, audience engagement, business innovation, arts, philosophy, sociology and urbanism, but always eager to learn more about your guests specialisms, and to explore and prepare their topics thoroughly, in English, Dutch, French or Spanish.