Hooray! You're totally ready to boost your social impact, aren't you? 
By taking your business model, marketing or storytelling to the next level, for example. Because as a cultural organisation, not-for-profit or social enterprise, your ‘why’ is often crystal clear, but your ‘how’s and 'what's probably got a bit blurry along the way. 

Tribe also works for

How can we make a difference?

Our tribe wants to empower your social mission with strong business and brand strategy.

We use our creative problem-solving approaches and design thinking skills to boost your social change. In cooperation with your employees, we define new opportunity areas and match your inner passion with your brand story. We make the dream work!

Social Innovation

Social Innovation
Financial strategy
Grant Writing

We help you to develop new, innovative ideas, by creative brainstorm sessions and short design sprints.

From innovative social business modelling to day-to-day financial support. We support non-profit organisations and individual artists in their daily management, administration, and finances.

We counsel in the process of grant applications - both federal, communal as urban.

Branding & Communication

Social & Behavioural Marketing
Social storytelling
Impact communication
Panel Hosting & Presenting

We turn the traditional 4 P's into 4 new ones People, Purpose, Participation and Pathmaking. We use behavioural design techniques, nudges and creative interventions to maximize (y)our impact.

We help you to translate your inner passion and mission into a strong brand story.

We help you to measure your social impact and spread the word. Please, tell us why, we'll tell you how.

We get a thrill out of managing a good panel discussion and are unafraid of diving deep into unknown topics. We aim at bringing the best out of your guests and interviewees. We're extra passionate about social change, museum practice, travel, heritage, audience engagement, business innovation, arts, philosophy, sociology and urbanism, but always eager to learn more about your guests specialisms, and to explore and prepare their topics thoroughly, in English, Dutch, French or Spanish.